Growing up is getting old and the future isn't what it used to be.
Another update:

I’m over a stone lighter! I’m dating the most adorable guy in the world, I’m currently enjoying semester two of the first year of my degree and I did really well in my first semester (according to the results I have so far). Work still sucks balls but I love the people. I got my nostril pierced and I’m considering getting my nipple done too. Happy to see not that many people have unfollowed me, haha. Hope everyone’s doing well. :-) 

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Anonymous asks:Are you gay? X

No, I’m straight :-)

Quick Update on my Life:

I’ve lost about half a stone, I’m still single, I’m obsessed with The Story So Far which is really odd because I hated them. University is amazing, although I’ve been ill in the past week because of ‘stress’ according to the doctor, so I’m looking forward to my long Christmas holiday, but I think I’ve done really well this semester. I’ve made some wonderful friends, one of which I may even be living with next year so that’s exciting!

Life is good man, life is good. 

Hope (what’s left of) my followers are all doing fine! :-) 

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Anonymous asks:I'm sure he wouldn't mind, send him them/it first and ask him if he appreciates it.

I’m sure he’d appreciate it, but I don’t think he’d appreciate me posting it online. Sorry, anon, I really don’t wanna ruin this. :-) 

Anonymous asks:TT/Full Nude (that kinda thing) ?

Sorry, I can’t. I don’t wanna jeopardize things with a guy I’m seeing by posting something like that (I don’t know how he’d react). I’m flattered you’d want to see that though, anon! :’) 

Anonymous asks:Leave us with something nice?

Like what? :-)


I haven’t really got much time for Tumblr lately, so that’s why I’m hardly posting. I’m kind of starting fresh, my life’s going really well lately and I wanna carry it on; I have a social life, I’m doing well at university and I’m just generally having a good time. I will continue to check my ask box every now and then if you ever want to get in touch, but yeah I’m probably gonna pretty much stop using this website now. :-) 

(That being said, I might be back, so I’m not going to delete).

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